Relationship Therapy

I offer a confidential and discreet service to couples who are experiencing relationship difficulties that include emotional, communication, intimacy, power and sexual difficulties. This is not a definitive list. :

Initially I would explore with you both what has brought you to counselling. It is important that each partner is able to tell their story and through that process we can become clearer about the areas that need addressing.

Once we reach an agreed sense of the issues we can begin to discuss the changes that you might want and how to begin to implement them.

In my experience the most common area that brings couples is a difficulty with intimacy as well as communication issues. how we communicate, how we avoid communication,  particularly listening.

Other areas of interest include the past that we bring with us and the impact that it has on relationships; our hopes and dreams and how they are influenced by relationships; concerns about trust and betrayal; sexual issues and intimacy; power and control; uncertainty; compatibility; disappointments etc.

Contact me for an appointment and we can talk about what brings you along and whether counselling might help, one way or another.