An arrangement can be made for SKYPE/TELEPHONE/INTERNET Supervision, using  Instant Messenger or SKYPE.  Please Contact Me for further details


IAHIP accredited and ICP Accredited psychotherapist

IAHIP accredited supervisor.

I have experience in offering supervision to individuals or and groups working in a range of settings, including private practice; voluntary and statutory organisations; counsellors and psychotherapists in training; work based counsellors; schools counsellors; addiction; prison; head injury; GP practice; trauma; crisis intervention; health related.

My goal in supervision is to ensure that your practice is competent and safe and that it is based upon solid theoretical and ethical foundations.

My work is based on a relational model and in that I would invite you to bring yourself, your experiences as a therapist and of your client into the supervision process in order to explore how the work impacts on you, how you understand what is going on from an interpersonal and evolving theoretical perspective.

I would expect a level of engagement in the relationship that mirrors the level of engagement in the therapeutic relationship, the difference being that we can stop and look at what is happening from a range of perspectives.

I expect our work to be based on ethical principles that we live by ourselves and that ethics, risk assessment and competent practice forms a basis for therapeutic work at all levels.

The following points offer a general guide to my aims in supervision:

Bring your work in safety and confidence
Obtain feedback and guidance
Let off steam, just get it off your chest
Acknowledge the feelings that your work invokes; anger, helplessness, stuckness, attraction, repulsion and so on
Feel valued and competent in your work
Be able to separate your feelings from those of your client
Feel able to sit with your clients in a more grounded way
Be able to understand your work in relation to theory
Identify your developmental needs



I have included this article from the BACP Association for Independent Practitioners Journal, Summer 2010 entitled The supervisor-counsellor relationship. On my Facebook site