Psychotherapy and Counselling


‘The individual, and not the problem, is the focus. 

The aim is not to solve one particular problem,

but to assist the individual to grow, so that they can cope with the present problem

and with later problems in a better and integrated fashion.’ (Carl Rogers)

General Information

There are no hard and fast rules about  who should attend for psychotherapy or counselling. I invite you to contact me if you feel that it might be right for you. Although specific problems are important, I try not to lose sight of the person as a whole.

My Approach

First of all my approach integrates a range of relational models that that invite an exploration of your life, past, present and future. As a result this can lead to a greater understanding of you as well as you in relationships.


It is my intention to offer you a safe and confidential space where you have the opportunity to talk about the things that matter to you.  As a result we would work towards you living a more satisfying, congruent and resourceful life.

My interest in psychotherapy was motivated from personal experience and my work in Mental Health settings as a social worker and community worker. As a result I saw benefits in offering psychological, creative, social and political approaches to improve people’s wellbeing. I have a strong belief in our ability, within relationship, to heal, endure, recover, thrive, live.


I hold a Masters in counselling from the University of Manchester, 1995.


In forty years’ practice I have experience in a wide variety of therapeutic settings. These include statutory services, residential settings and in private practice. I am currently offering psychotherapy, and supervision in private practice in Belfast.

Areas of Competence

These are a guide and not complete.

Relationship Difficulties; Attachment Issues; Working with Men; Gender; Gender Identity, Gender Fluidity; Sexuality; Addictions; Work/Home balance; LGBT Positive; Bereavement and Loss; HIV/AIDS; Abuse; Trauma.

I offer a space for trans idendtifying individuals.

 I am happy to talk on the phone first if you want to clarify any of the above or any other information on the web site: 07713222509

Arrangement can be made for using Video calls using Face Time, Skype or Zoom.

My services are provided within the IAHIP Code of Ethics and Practice

Please Contact  Me for further details

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