Couples Counselling



A confidential and discreet service is available to couples who are experiencing relationship difficulties. Areas covered include; emotional conflict; communication breakdown; difficulties with intimacy; the changing nature of your relationship; imbalances of power and power struggles; a range of sexual difficulties; betrayal; separation; reconciliation.

Whatever the cause, relationships tend to break down because of poor communication as a result of a loss of connection with each other. On the other hand, healthy relationships are based on being in contact with each other, particularly during stressful times. It has shown to be helpful to introduce a more conscious communication style, that includes listening to and empathising with your partner. This takes time, intention and practice

In our sessions much of the focus will be on hearing both sides as well as introducing and developing healthier communication.

If you are interested in couples counselling please Contact me  for an initial discussion and to make an appointment if it seems right for you.

An exploratory session can be agreed wihtout obligation to continue.

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