The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect across Europe with the intention of giving us more control over the collection, storage and use of our personal data.



For detailed information about your rights under the GDPR CLICK HERE to visit the ICO website.


The data that I keep consists of minimum contact details, name, mobile number and email address. All of this information is encrypted and password protected and is kept separate to clinical notes.

Separate to those contact details I keep process notes that are my clinical reflections on our work. They are anonymised so that individuals are not recognisable. My purpose in keeping these reflections is to help me hold and keep track of our process.

All of the information that I hold is encrypted with a company called Boxcryptor, using AES-256 and RSA encryption. CLICK HERE to visit the Boxcryptor site for further information.

I will not share your data with anyone without your explicit consent, except where the law requires me to, and if that requirement arises I will discuss it with you at all stages where possible.

There will be times that email, text and on occasions WhatsApp are used for communication. Be aware that these systems are not encrypted and so it is advisable to keep personal information to a minimum. It is more secure to speak on the phone or in person.


The GDPR requires that you give explicit consent to my use of your data as described above. I ask that you complete the form below by entering your first name and email, then click the submit button.

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If you have queries or concerns please contact me at your convenience and/or the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Thank you

Christopher Murray

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